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Multi Cursor Mode (multi edit/select)





Multi Cursor Mode

Place the first text cursors where you want. While pressing the Ctrl key use the left mouse button to make new cursor positions by clicking on a new positions. You should now see several blinking cursors in the text.


You can move all cursor using the arrow keys. Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow will move the cursors to the next or previous word. Home/End will move all cursors to the beginning or end of the line.


Most edit functions available in normal mode are still enabled in multi cursor mode. Typing, deleting, pasting, new line, move lines ... all work in multi cursor mode. There are a few disabled functions though.




You make selections much the same way as you place cursors. Press Ctrl when you make another selection.


Most normal edit functions still work when working with multiple selections.


Copied text are separated by a line feed. Pasted text will insert the clipboard contents at all cursor positions and replace all selections. There is one exception. If you have e.g. 3 lines of text in the clipboard and have placed 3 cursors in the text and hit Shift+Ctrl+V (smart paste). Each line in the clipboard is inserted at each cursor position.


Select several instances of the same word

To select multiple words use the menu items found in the edit menu under multi selection. Each item has a keyboard shortcut.

Add word and find next (Ctrl+D) - will select the currently selected word, find the next instance and select that one as well.

Skip word and find next (Ctrl+F3) - will skip the currently selected word, find the next and select it.

Undo selection (Shift+Ctrl+D) - will undo the last add or skip operation.



Exit multi cursor mode

Use the mouse to click inside the text. Or press the <ESC> key.








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