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Drag n drop





Inside the document

You can drag selected text inside the document. If you want to move the selection simply place the mouse cursor over the selected text and press the left mouse button. Drag the text to the new location and release the mouse button.


To copy the selected text press Ctrl + LeftMouseButton and drag a copy of the selection to its new location. Release the mouse button to paste the text.


From panels

Some panels allow drag and drop. When using panels like the text clips panel you can insert the clip by dragging the clip item into the document and release the left mouse button at the destination point.


External file to a document as a link or HTML tag

To use this select a file in Windows Explorer, press the ALT key and drag the file inside the document. Release the mouse button at the position you want the tag to be inserted. The tag will contain a relative path to the file.

The file path is use to create the tag and if it's an image file - the width and height of the image is inserted as well.

An image file will create a tag that looks like this:


          <img src=".\dummy.jpg" height="80" width="100" />.

All other files will create an anchor tag that looks like this:


          <a href=".\">.


Just don't forget to press the ALT key. Otherwise the dragged file will be opened in the editor.


Open files

You can drag as many files as you want to the editor tab. All files dropped will be opened.









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